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Phygital Security Standard

SECURED ENVIRONMENT Qualitative, Universal Rating and Evaluation


SEQURE Standards

Clear Guidelines

Guidelines to ensure effective security in a built environment

Scientific Approach

Scientific and dependable approachfor execution of security standards.

Natural First

Emphasis on Natural, built-in, ‘integrated’ and ‘embedded’ security 

Phygital Ready

Built for next-generation connected digital environments

Protects Individual

Targets security of the individual and security of the whole urban fabric

Benefits Everyone

Incentivization of partnership between architects and securitymen to design and carve out the most innovative security solutions

Reduces Crime

Measurable benefits like cost savings, robust security, the decline in crime incidence.

People First

Focuses on behavior and ethics of people – provides natural deterrence with ratings


The SEQURE standard is designed with Phygital spaces in mind. 

Rush hour at the airport

Dr Manjari Kapoor

  • Chairman, SEQURE standards, audit, rating, and certification for built environments
  • President-Association for ‘Building’ Security India
  • Director, International CPTED Association
  • Principal Partner MSA, Architects, Interiors, and Security.
  • Visiting faculty at SPA, Vastukala Academy, New Delhi & Amity SAP, Noida, UP, India
  • Fellow Indian Institute of Architects(IIA)
  • Editor Vaastu Samvaad ( IIA-NC newsletter)
  • Diploma in Vedic Vaastu,
  • Green buildings literate & conversant in relevant software