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Tech for Women Entrepreneurs

Fast-track your dreams with this 20 hour course and start earning online.

Includes Six Tech Business Ideas Every Woman can run from Home with Zero Coding Skills


  1.  Learn how technology can help you run your business
  2. How to start a Graphic Design firm
  3. How to start a Web Design Firm
  4. How to start an E-learning business
  5. How to start a Social Media Management company
  6. How to start a Web App Development company
  7. How to start a Business in Cyber Security
  8. Getting support
Course Objectives:

You may be selling custom jewellery, art, clothing, merchandise, food, a unique service, tech product or even teaching music, dance or art and craft. Perhaps you are running a non-profit, engaged in specialized consulting or promoting a great social cause. No matter what your idea or business is, you will need technology to scale and succeed in your business. This course will teach you how to use technology to effectively run your business, bring down your costs and learn the secrets of frugal start-up that will save you a lot of time and money.

  • Learn about various cloud services that can automate your business
  • Use technology effectively to brand, promote and increase your business
  • Learn how you can have a second income by driving your business with technology
  • Get resources that can solve your technical problems of running your business
  • Depend less on vendors, developers and IT professionals for your business
  • Must have a laptop
  • Must have an internet connection
  • Must have knowledge of using Email and social media (Facebook / Twitter)
  • Must be able to spend 6 to10 hours per week during the course
Hands-on Activities - Start your own:
Who should attend:

For Women Entrepreneurs who wish to

  • Scale their business with little or no coding knowledge 
  • Start a new business from home
  • Professionally scale existing business with the help of technology
Course Contents:
  • Module 1 – Company Formation
  • Module 2 – Using Tech to run your business
  • Module 3 – Starting your own Graphic Design Firm
  • Module 4 – Starting your own Web Design Firm
  • Module 5 – Designing a Customer Website
  • Module 6 – Collecting Payments Online
  • Module 7 – Starting your own E-learning Company
  • Module 8 – Teaching Ideas
  • Module 9 – Starting your own Social Media Agency
  • Module 10 – Building Web applications
  • Module 11 – Earning with Basic Cyber Security Skills
  • Module 12 – Getting started with ISAC Launchpad Services

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Instructor-Led, delivered online.

Application Deadline

  • To be announced

Program Fee

INR 10,000 + Taxes

Admission is subject to selection and the remittance of fees. Your space is secured upon receipt of full payment. 

Course Dates

The program will be held on the following dates from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM:

To be announced



Group Captain Anand Naidu (Retd)
Director - ISAC
+91 97317 45635