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An international non-profit, solving large problems impacting the connected, digital world on cyber security.

National Security Database

National Security Database is a prestigious empanelment program from Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC), awarded to credible & trustworthy Information security experts with proven skills to protect the National Critical Infrastructure & economy of the country. 

National security database

Ranks under the NSD

The National Security Database has various ranks (empanelment levels) that identify the skill level of a certified professional.

  • The open DB means the NSD Rank is freely available for access and open to the public.
  • The closed DB means access to the NSD Rank is restricted and available only for select Government and Industry organizations.
  • The Guardian level is proposed to be made as an Open DB for the use of the Industry in 2022.

Cyber security


The National Security Database recognises the following technical domains for empanelment

Intervention Officer

First responder program focused on Cyber Laws, Counseling the victims and assisting the police in investigations.

Available Online

Awarded to professionals with proven skills in vulnerability analysis and penetration testing.

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Cyber Security Scholar

Advanced program for CXOs and Senior Leadership on Cyber Security.

Available Online

Rapidly start your career in the world of bug bounty hunting!

Web App Pen Tester

Awarded to professionals with proven experience in web application security.

Exploit Researcher

Requires proven skills in bug bounties, hardware hacking,  reversing and exploitation.

Mobile App Security

Awarded to professionals with proven skills in Android and iOS app security assessment.

Forensics Investigator

Focused on Forensics Investigation and Case Management along with International Cyber laws.

Malware Analyst

Awarded to professionals with skills to examine, identify, and understand the nature of viruses, worms, bots, rootkits, and other malwares.

Reverse Engineer

Awarded to professionals with skills in reverse engineering of software and hardware.

Threat Hunter

Awarded to professionals with knowledge of SOC, skilled in enterprise threat detection and incident response activities.

SOC Analyst

Awarded to professionals with proven skills to monitor security access and report suspicious activity.

Timeline of NSD



Innovative Ethical Hackers Association (iEHA) is created in 1998 to consolidate various Reverse Engineering, Hacking, and Cyber security groups across India for defending Indian Cyberspace from attacks.

iEHA Members

Community adds over 5000 members and vulnerability disclosures cross 50 submissions every month. 

NTRO Training

Formal training is given to NTRO on Ethical Hacking, a newly formed technical intelligence agency in India.

Building Capacity

The horrific Mumbai attacks prompt the cyber security community to build capacity in the country and create a repository of cyber security professionals for supporting counter-terrorism and protecting Indian cyberspace.


One of the first initiatives of ISAC is the International Malware Conference, MalCon, to bring together malware researchers and share their expertise globally. 


A non-profit company is incorporated (section 25) and iEHA formally becomes Information Sharing and Analysis Center.

NSD is formed

Two years after the Mumbai attacks, The National Security Database is formed under ISAC in collaboration with NTRO and launched by Sri Sachin Pilot, the then IT Minister of State, at the Malware Conference at JW Marriott in Mumbai.


CERT-IN formally extends support to the National Security Database, under the leadership of its Director-General, Sri Gulshan Rai.

Cadet & Falcon

Originally, the National Security Database started with two levels. Cadet for professionals with a proven foundation in cybersecurity domains and Falcon for professionals with proven hands-on technical skills.

NSD Fellowship

The need to train next-generation CXOs in cybersecurity became crucial – NSD collaborates with OP Jindal University in New Delhi in support with NTRO to launch the first cybersecurity fellowship program.

New levels of NSD created

New levels are added under the National Security Database, such as the Intervention Officer and Guardians.

Defend the Flag

ISAC launches the Defend the Flag series in collaboration with NCIIPC and Tata Communications, to educate CXOs on emerging cybersecurity developments.


The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN), under the leadership of Sri Sanjay Bahl, joins the Defend the Flag series to build capacity among CXOs.

NCSSP with MDI-Gurugram

The first formal cohort of the National Cybersecurity Scholar Program (NCSSP) is created in collaboration with MDI-Gurugram. NCSSP was an evolution of the 2015 Fellowship program.


The National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center (NCIIPC) joins for cohort two of NCSSP. The third program is launched in collaboration with Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU).


NSD Lancer

NSD Lancer level launched in collaboration with the Karnataka Government and the Maharaja of Mysuru, to identify meaningful contributors to the security of the Indian Cyberspace.

NSD Sample Certificate

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