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NSD Empaneled ISAC Certified

Cyber Crime Intervention Officer

The CCIO is a 30 hour program that aims to provide you with an essential background on cyberpsychology and cybercrimes. The course lets detect early signs of problems in people around you at work and home and also equips you to be a first responder incase of cybercrimes.

Standard Price: ₹5000 + GST 

Special Offer Price for Students: ₹2500 + GST

Promotional price valid till 31st October 2023

Government of India Recognised Certification, under AICTE NEAT 2.0, Approved by the Ministry of Education.

Cyber Crime Intervention Officer Program available on GeM

Learn everything about cybercrimes and essential cyber laws to protect your loved ones and support vulnerable victims who need help.

Course Topics:

  • People behaving abnormally online – case studies and lessons
  • Negative relationships online – How it impacts family
  • Social Isolation – offline and online issues
  • Low self-esteem and depression – tracking early signs online
  • The tendency for violence from online activities – how to spot the signs and prevent them
  • Internet Gaming Disorder– identifying addiction and other risks
  • Pedophiles online – How to protect children
  • Addiction – various types and what to do about them
  • Narcotics – Understanding different types of drugs, cryptocurrencies and dark web marketplaces used by teenagers
  • Tech abuse – how to counsel children and parents
  • Bank Frauds / Wallet frauds – how to handle the cases
  • Sextortion, Cyberbullying and other online crimes – how to deal with it
  • Virtual friends – how to tell if the children are involved
  • Cyberchondria – Medical self-diagnosis online and its risks
  • The Deep web – What is it
  • Criminal Propaganda – Steps to prevent it
  • Cyber Espionage and Honey traps
  • Guiding victims affected by cybercrime
  • Tools and techniques to monitor children for online safety effectively
  • Fundamental IT Laws that everyone must know
  • Counseling victims of cybercrimes
  • Interacting and supporting cops and lawyers with cybercrime cases
  • Steps you can take to enhance cybersecurity awareness in schools
  • Introduction to Professional Ethics at Workplace
  • 50+ Case studies on Professional Ethics
  • Steps to protect your mobile devices and computers / laptops
  • Mistakes to avoid on Social Media Platforms

Who should attend

The minimum age requirement to attend the CCIO program is 16 years. Admission to the course is subject to application approval. The course is best suited for:

  • Parents (Especially Mothers)
  • Teachers and Teacher Trainees
  • Counselors
  • Medical Professionals
  • Judicial Officers
  • Lawyers and Law students
  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • Armed Forces Personnel
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Students 
  • All Netizens


Delivered online (Live Video sessions), 18 training hours in total.

Program Fee

INR 5000 + Taxes | USD 100

The program fee includes tuition, access to special Video lessons and Certificate.

Instructor-led, 30 hours course, conducted every month.

The course is of six days and is scheduled every month. The sessions for each month/batch will be held on the following dates from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM IST

July Batch


10th – 11th Jul 2024

17th – 18th Jul 2024

24th – 25th Jul 2024

August Batch


14th – 15th Aug 2024

21st – 22nd Aug 2024

28th – 29th Aug 2024

September Batch


11th – 12th Sep 2024

18th – 19th Sep 2024

25th – 26th Sep 2024

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Course Benefits

Being a parent is the most difficult job in this world. As children grow, the digital divide increases the generation gap and makes you a parent feel disconnected. The program helps you understand the online world and its consequences so that you can protect your children and loved ones from potential cybercrimes.

If you are an existing lawyer, you will enhance your cases understandings immensely with this course. This will mean fewer technical mistakes and wider scope of defense.

The program will enhance your ability to connect, speak and discuss with young children and teenagers affected by cybercrimes. You will learn how to remove their fears, give them courage and help you gain crucial details of the case that will fasten the investigations.

Being a teacher is a tough job – and when you understand the new age problems of digital kids, it helps you navigate their world without getting lost. With the skills gained in this program, you may be able to intervene just in time before a crime becomes dangerous for the children, causing harm to both the victims and the reputation of the school.

The biggest advantage of this program is, this enables you to pick up part-time work opportunities such as:

  • Conducting workshops in schools on cyber safety
  • Working as an Intervention Officer for schools to advise parents and children
  • Assisting lawyers on cyber crime cases 
  • Assisting hospitals, counselors and doctors dealing with Cybercrime victims

You can upgrade your skills to learn Digital Forensics Investigation or become a full time lawyer to enhance full time work opportunities in this area. Both the skills are diverse so do not hesitate to learn more from your Instructors about these skills.


Rajshekhar P

+91 8882 560 560
Email: rajsm [at]
20+ years experience in cyber security.
Director - ISAC

Group Captain P Aanand Naidu(retd)

Director - ISAC
+91 97317 45635
Email: pan [at]
30+ years of experience in policy and management. Adjunct Professor at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad


The exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions out of which the candidates need to correctly answer a minimum of 60% questions to clear the exam successfully. The exam is conducted 1 day after the last day of the course. If you miss attending the session, you can appear for the exam with the next batch. You get a total of three attempts at no additional cost.

Validity of the certificate: 3 years

What you get

Live instructor led sessions
The live interactive sessions are conducted by the industry experts
Access to e-learning videos

Get 60 days access to course videos on the ISAC e-learning portal, updated regularly!

Intervention Officer Certification

Eligible to be empaneled in National Security Database

Get listed in the National Security Database program by completing the Intervention officer certification. The professionals from NSD assist various law enforcement and government agencies in advancing cybersecurity, in addition to helping the cybercrime victims.

Opportunity to be part of CopConnect

Get listed in CopConnect platform. Get a unique page for your profile with your bio and contact details. This enhances your opportunities to work with local law enforcement immensely.

Certification in Professional Ethics at Workplace

Professional Ethics Certification shows the employer that you are less likely to engage in misconducts, frauds and policy violations resulting in reputation or financial loss to the company. More Details

Hear from real participants




I would like to share my experience regarding a cyber crime incident. On 15th Oct 2022, there was a message received to my husband’s whatsapp number containing sextortion. Immediately there was a video call which my husband attenteded and was disconnected within few seconds. Then they sent photos which contained my husband’s morphed images which was followed by a threatening message that it will be uploaded in the social media. The next day around 4 pm We received continuous call from a person called Rakesh Asthana crime branch(displayed on the truecaller). In the call the person threatened my husband that he would be arrested in few hours as they have received his morphed video. Then the same person gave another contact number of a YouTube employee named Rahul Sharma youtube(displayed on truecaller). The YouTube person demanded 31,000 to delete the video. The person named Rakesh Asthana continuously made calls and forced us to pay the amount and asked for the deleted proof. That was the time when I remembered the workshop and immediately contacted the CCIO Mrs.Mini.
When I explained the entire incident, she immediately told us not to worry and that they were frauds. She advised not to pay single paise. Through her we came to know that there are many groups who were demanding money the same way. She also sent us an article regarding the same incident. Then we understood that they were impersonating a retired IPS officer.
Mrs.Mini encouraged us to be brave and bold enough in dealing this issue. I really appreciate the CCIO team for their prompt and timely help. It is a suggestion to everyone to be bold and strong enough to face these kind of problems. The moment you receive such kind of unwanted messages, kindly ignore or block them. I really want to thank the entire team and especially Mrs. Mini who are creating awareness through workshops and guiding people to face cyber challenges.
Hats off to your team Mam!

latha kirubakaran