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Preventing Terror Attacks using SEQURE (ICSQP)

The Preventing Terror Attacks using SEQURE (ICSQP) Is a unique 32 hour program aimed at all aviation Industry employees. The program brings necessary skills to identify and prevent any terror attacks using the SEQURE platform

Standard Price: ₹60,000 + GST 

Special Offer Price for Students: ₹20,000 + GST

Special Prices for Professionals and Corporates: Contact Us

Promotional price valid till 31st October 2023

Fees: INR 60,000 + GST, 32 hours Instructor-led online course 

Course Outcome:

  • Learn to protect sensitive information
  • Prevent being a target of social engineering
  • Defend against Phishing and Whaling attacks
  • Secure your passwords and accounts
  • Protect the organization from Ransomware attacks
  • Prevent cyber-attacks on passengers and other critical airport systems
  • Prevent misconducts with professional ethics at the workplace


The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions out of which the candidates need to correctly answer a minimum of 60% questions to clear the exam successfully. The exam is conducted on the last day of the course. If you miss attending the session, you can appear for the exam with the next batch. You get a total of three attempts at no additional cost.

Course Dates

To be announced soon.

Contact Us

Group Captain P Aanand Naidu(retd)

Director - ISAC
+91 97317 45635 Email: pan [at]
30+ years of experience in policy and management. Adjunct Professor at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

Program outline

Module 1 – Design: the New Security tool

  • Introduction and Overview of the workshop

  • Common ground and starting points

  • What is Building Security?

  • Role of Design in security of buildings

  • Types of threats and introduction to CPTED

  • Introduction to CPTED and its base concepts

  • Historical background and global developments of CPTED

  • Home assignment for affirmation of fundamentals

Module 2 -CPTED basics & Airport design

  • First generation principles of CPTED

  • Second generation CPTED theories

  • Basics of Airport Design

  • Critical analysis of airport layouts wrt security

  • Home assignment for affirmation of theories learnt

Module 3 – Securing Airports

  • Airport security policies in US, UK, EU

  • Case studies of Brussels Attack, LA Attack, Glasgow attack

  • Online or Field based exercise based on application of learnt theories

  • Preliminary discussion to be continued as Home assignment

Module 4 – SEQURE standards and guidelines

  • Introduction to the basic principles and approach

  • Physical pre-assessment- threats, risks and vulnerabilities

  • Methodology to measure and audit

  • Application on a basic sample Airport terminal

  • Conducting an Airport Security audit using SEQURE standards

Module 8 – Application to Core Professional Sphere

  • Prelim findings and recommendations

  • Demonstration of design adjustments and alternates

  • Budgetary impact, value additions and savings

  • Final rating and certifications

  • Airport audit exercise for desired competency levels

  • How to use ‘SEQURE’ & CPTED in your immediate workplace

  • Certification Process / Q&A