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Certified Professional for Airport IoT Security

The Certified Professional for Airport IoT Security (CPAIS), 36 hours program intended to provide a first-hand experience in understanding a cyber attack on loT and SCADA systems at Airports. It will also provide an insight as to how various IT infrastructures are set up and the possible loopholes or vulnerabilities in each system can be tested. 

Unlock Lifetime Access to ISAC Certifications with Complimentary Training and Free of cost Online Internship: pay only for certification and lab costs.​

Standard Price: $300 + GST + Training is Complimentary

NSD Empanelment Price (Optional): $70 + GST

16 hours Instructor-led online course 

Course Outcome:

  • Learn to protect sensitive information
  • Prevent being a target of social engineering
  • Defend against Phishing and Whaling attacks
  • Secure your passwords and accounts
  • Protect the organization from Ransomware attacks
  • Prevent cyber-attacks on passengers and other critical airport systems
  • Prevent misconducts with professional ethics at the workplace


The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions out of which the candidates need to correctly answer a minimum of 60% questions to clear the exam successfully. The exam is conducted on the last day of the course. If you miss attending the session, you can appear for the exam with the next batch. You get a total of three attempts at no additional cost.

Course Dates

To be announced soon.

Contact Us

Group Captain P Aanand Naidu(retd)

Director - ISAC
+91 97317 45635
Email: pan [at]
30+ years of experience in policy and management. Adjunct Professor at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

Program outline

Module 1 – Introduction

  • Overview of loT
  • Security Challenges

Module 2 – Overview of Modern loT / SCADA components of an Airport 

  • Part 1
    • loT Sensors/ Critical Equipment at operation area
  • Part 2
    • Monitoring and Preventing Threats/Attacks on Systems like Flight Display Systems, CUPPS – Common Use Passenger, Platform System, and BRS – Baggage Reconciliation System
  • Part 3
    • CUTE – Common Use Terminal Equipment
    • CUSS – Common Use Self Service Systems
    • Central Arrival and Departure Gates Control System
    • Smart Parking


Module 3 – Cyber Attack Vectors

  • Trojans
  • Social Engg. Attacks
  • DDoS
  • Ransomware

Module 4 – Scenario: Discovery of Sensitive Devices

  • Hands-on Scenario: Information Discovery
  • Hands-on Scenario: Network Hacking via loT
  • Hands-on Scenario: Hacking Smart Devices
  • Hands-on Scenario: Ransomware attacks
  • Hands-on Scenario: Sabotaging Gate Controls in Airport

Module 5 – Controlling SCADA Systems

  • Hands-on Scenario: SCADA Security
  • Hands-on Scenario: Dos & DDoS
  • Hands-on Scenario: Deploying Malware on loT

Module 6 – Defensive Measures

  • Hands-on: Threat Intelligence
  • Hands-on: Endpoint Protection
  • Employee training
  • Other Security Softwares
  • Hands-on: Conducting effective VAPT on IOT /SCADA
  • Reporting best practices