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Information Sharing and Analysis Center

An international non-profit, solving large problems impacting the connected, digital world on cyber security.

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Join our internship program conducted both online and offline and gain invaluable knowledge in emerging technologies through collaboration with ISAC. This opportunity is open to both students and working professionals seeking to enhance their skill sets and advance their careers.

Offline Mode:

  • Duration: 30 to 60 days
  • Program Fee: INR 10,000 + Taxes
  • Location: Mysuru, Nagpur, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad
  • Highlights: In addition to technical internship in the selected cyber security domain, participants will receive training in essential soft skills, communication skills, resume writing, research project writing and placement support. 
    Extensive interactions with industry leaders, CIO’s and National Cyber Security Scholars.

Online Mode:

  • Duration: 30 to 60 days
  • Program Fee: INR 5,000 + Taxes
  • Highlights: Online Cyber Security internship in selected domain, guided by industry experts.

Candidates with or without CCIOs and CPEW certifications are eligible to apply for internship. Upon successful completion, internship certificates will be awarded to all participants.

Seize this opportunity to enhance your expertise and propel your career forward.  Apply now and embark on a rewarding  journey in emerging technologies and cybersecurity.

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Coding Screen
Coding (Develop scripts/ apps/ aid in product dev etc)

If you have knowledge of a programming knowledge and the zeal to create something new, this is the field for you!!

Forensics (Forensic analysis, Malware research etc)

Preserving digital evidence and finding evidence is an art not many possess. If you do, then apply now!!

Breach point
Breach Point (Finding vulnerabilities in companies)

Scan websites in the private and public domain to find vulnerabilities for responsible disclosure!!

Dark web monitoring Internships at ISAC
Dark Web Monitoring

Constantly search for information that is traded and sold on the dark web. Alert ISAC and Law Enforcement Agencies and become a good citizen.

Graphic design
Graphic Design (Create banners, posters, websites for various projects)

Showcase your creativity and display the ingenuity you possess. ISAC provides a plethora of such opportunities!!

digital marketing
Digital Marketing (Social Media, Google Ads, SEO, SEM etc)

If you are a social media buff, then use those to gain experience. Conduct social media campaigns and various other activities for ISAC. Apply today!!

video editin
Video Editing (Create professional edits for courses and videos)

If you know the nuances of converting raw video clips into professional

Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (for Architecture Students)

For all the architecture students out there, this is an opportunity to make your society a safer place through environmental design. Apply now!!

CTF Development (Create challenges, develop tools, scripts etc)

Capture The Flag, a very popular world over phenomenon. If you have the knack and skills to develop such challenges, then apply today!!

Assist Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

If you feel you do not have the tehnical skills yet want to contribute to the society, we might have something for you. After all, everyone possesses a skills which others do not!!

E-learning Development (Create short lessons, courses)

Become an integral part of our course development process and get your name inscribed as one of the developers. Apply now!!

Comic Design (Concept, Scriptwriting, Storyboarding, Sketching, Penciling etc)

Bring out the artist in you and tell stories with that art. We provide you the opportunity to create ravishing graphic art!!

Content Writer (Create articles, design concepts etc)

If writing is your strength, then we have the right challenges for you. Display your writing skills and gain a world of experience doing so!!

Short Film Making (Animation / YouTube Videos)

Story narration is an art, and ISAC provides you the opportunity to develop and direct your own story. Create wonderful stories in the form of videos and animations!!

Law Students (Research on Cyber laws, case studies and more)

Put your legal knowledge to the test and assist ISAC and its partners in various cyber crime related offences and learn more about Cyber and Techno Laws!!

Internship Benefits

Although all ISAC internships are unpaid, being an intern with us can be a rewarding and fruitful experience. Along with the opportunity to learn new things, you can avail several benefits


Special access to events

Interning with ISAC, you get to be a part of exclusive closed door events which can fast forward your career


letter and certificate

You will receive a completion letter and certificate for your internship. Flaunt these on your resume or social media


isac campus ambassador

All ISAC interns are given special consideration when applying for the Campus Ambassador program. To know more about the program, Click Here