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Defend The Flag | 29th Jan | 3 PM

Virtual Event | Focused on

Security Strategies for Cooperative Banks

Building a Future-Ready Urban Co-operative Bank with Community Cloud and Comprehensive Security Strategy

Whether through RBI-driven mandates or the demands of a digitally-savvy customer base, Urban Co-operative Banks (UCBs) must turn to technology to future-proof their operations and rise above the competition. But strict regulations, security complexity, and a lack of skilled resources can make this difficult to achieve.

Using a secure community cloud-based approach can help UCBs enhance day-to-day operations, elevate customer experience and embrace their digital future. 

Join us in this DTF session from CERT-IN, in collaboration with the Knowledge Partner, Tata Communications, where we discuss the challenges ahead of UCBs and how strategic security planning can help plan the digital transformation for Urban Co-operative banks.   


Interact with Government and Industry experts to know the latest developments in cyber security and compliance. The sessions are aimed at easing your day-to-day critical functions relation to cyber security.

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Event Format

The program (03:00 PM to 05:30 PM) is for CISOs and CXOs directly responsible for cyber security roles within their organizations. Immerse in engaging and technically curated sessions.

Schedule - 29th January 2020




Group Capt. Naidu

Director, ISAC

Dr Sanjay Bahl


Bhaskar Sahay

Tata Communications

Karthik Varma

CEO - Cyberange

ISAC - Information Sharing and Analysis Center.
Q/A Session with Speakers


Defend The Flag: Need

There are too many events and conferences focused on hacking and exploitation but very few that focus on defense, Datacenter security and next generation security operation centres (SOC). The aim of Defend the Flag series is to expose sectoral organizations to sector-specific threats, attack vectors, tools, process and techniques required to be in place to protect these CII assets in operation both within Government, public and private corporate entities across the country.

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About Defend The Flag

The Defend The Flag (DTF) is an event series from Information Sharing and Analysis Center, in collaboration with Netcon. This edition of DTF is under the aegis of CERT-IN, Government of India. DTF brings together the top decision makers from each sector to discuss the latest developments in cyber security, issues/challenges faced by companies and most importantly learn from each other the best practices in Cyber Security that would greatly enhance the overall resilience of cyber space across India.

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Frequently Asked Question

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Yes. This event is under the aegis of CERT-IN, under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity), Government of India.

This event is restricted to CISOs and senior leadership of various sectors and requires an invitation.

This is a free event.

If you have an invitation and cannot attend it for some reason, you can send us your nominations.