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The recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the INFORMATION SHARING AND ANALYSIS CENTER (ISAC) and VIDYA VIKAS INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (VVIET), Mysuru, marks a significant step forward in the field of Cyber Security capacity building in terms of talent creation. The agreement outlines a framework for collaboration that will enable the two entities to work together on a range of initiatives, including the offer of Faculty Development Programs, Cyberange Labs, Hackathons, Clean Exit program for professional ethics, enriching the National Security Database( NSD), and ISAC Certification programs.

The MoU reflects the growing importance of Cyber Security in today’s interconnected world and the need for professionals who are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges of the digital age. Through this collaboration, ISAC and VVIET aim to bridge the gap between academia and industry and create a talent pool of Cyber Security professionals in different domains who can meet the industry need, drive innovation and growth in the sector. By leveraging their respective strengths and resources, the two entities will create a conducive environment for learning and development, and help shape the future of Cyber Security education in India. 

This MoU enables VVIET to deliver training programs to its students leading to ISAC certifications and enrolment in the National Security Database. This will provide students with access to a range of career opportunities in the Cyber Security field and help them build a strong foundation for a successful career. Extensive use of AICTE NEAT 2.0 approved made in India Cyberange labs. 

This initiative comes in the wake of Karnataka Digital Economy Mission ( KDEM) launching the Global Technology Center at Mysuru. KDEM and ISAC have collaboration for enrichment of NSD and CleanExit. National Security Database is an empanelment program for cyber security professionals with varying skill sets in different domains and specialisations. NSD has different categories like Cyber Aware Netizens (CAN), Intervention Officers( CCIOs), Cadets, Falcons, Guardians,  Lancers, and Scholars. Through the MOU with ISAC, VVIET will create talent in categories like CAN, CCIO, Cadets, Falcons. 

There are more than 35 lakh vacancies in various industries and the demand is only increasing. This collaboration is expected to create a funnel of hands on, skilled resources

From L-R,

Mr. Amulya Kumar Mohapatra, Director Skill Development, VVIET, Group Captain P Aanand Naidu (Retd), Mr. Manjunatha T S, Principal, VVIET – Dr. Bindu A Thomas, Dean Student affairs, VVIET.