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Women in Cyber Security A Special Offer from ISAC on Women’s Day “India will be short of 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs by year-end” Business Standard Aug 2021 With the ever-growing need for cybersecurity professionals, one important aspect that needs attention is bridging the gender gap in the field According to Steve Morgan, the founder of Cybersecurity Ventures, Women hold 25% of cybersecurity jobs globally in 2022, up from 20% in 2019, and around 10% in 2013. It is being predicted that women will represent 30 percent of the global cybersecurity workforce by 2025, and that will reach 35 percent by 2031 But why is the participation of women important? Women in cybersecurity bring diverse perspectives, leadership, innate capabilities and experiences necessary to fight cyber criminals who have a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Women are also often better equipped to recognize risks and are better able to identify malicious code, due to their attention to details, making them an invaluable asset to any cybersecurity team. Additionally, having more women in cybersecurity can help improve the hiring process, boost morale, and increase job satisfaction. Cyber security field offers work from anywhere as a routine and women can derive maximum benefit from this while being able to attend to their personal commitments without compromising productivity Women should also take advantage of networking opportunities, attend cybersecurity conferences, workshops since it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in cybersecurity Women should be confident in their abilities and not be intimidated by the idea of working in a field which works with the majority of men in it. Taking chances and demanding respect are essential for success in the field of cybersecurity Thus, it is important that women come forward and take the initiative to learn and pursue a career in this field. There are many training providers and resources available to help women get started, from informational websites to mentorship programs and scholarships Information Sharing and Analysis Center ( is one such non-profit cyber security organisation with about 24 training programs, some of them approved under NEAT 2.0 Program of AICTE under a PPP with Min of Edn. Many of them are empaneled on Future Skills Prime, a MeITY NASSCOM digital skilling initiative, making the successful participants eligible for part fee refund. Certification in Professional ethics at workplace is a mandatory value addition for cyber security professionals certified by ISAC As a brand ambassador of women in cyber security for ISAC, I’m happy to share that this women’s day, ISAC is offering a 50% discount to all women taking admissions to ISAC certifications. This offer can also be availed by the men who want to sponsor any eligible and consenting women for the certification programs and encourage them to upskill/reskill in this field.
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Linkedin Post by ISAC Brand Ambassador for Women in Cyber Security Shubhangee Shelke